Thursday, December 2, 2010

Projection Artist Statement

I wanted to make an animation of a character wearing a hi-top that serve as homage to the early 90s.  I gave the character a hi-top because it speaks of the early 90s, and it is also a way of paying homage to Juice (1992) an iconic movie that was known for showing the many hi-tops and other early 90s styles. My character’s hi-top is based off of Bishop’s hi-top from Juice. Bishop was one the main characters in the movie played by Tupac. It is one of my favorite movies from that time period.  

The character starts off with a simple head nod. As the animation progresses, his nods become more intense until his hi-top grows and carries him about the screen. The music coming from the headphones is the drive behind his movement and hair growth. I wanted to the intro, progression, climax of music through the movement of the character’s hair and his reactions to what he’s listening to. The figure eventually lands and his hi-top retracts signaling that the music and animation is drawing near an end. Suddenly, a splash of color bursts out of his head filling the screen. This is my way of letting the viewer experience what the experienced with the headphones on.  The inclusion of this scene is inspired by moments when I’ve listened to songs that extended for a few seconds, switched melodies, or added something to the existing sounds half way or near the end of the song.  I arranged the video clip as a loop because the character-like-myself-is stuck in the early 90s era. The cardboard speaks of the early 90s’s styles and music that are outdated and rare. In the video clip and the surface, the cardboard is new because the character never gets tired of listening to the music.  The overall look is simplistic because I did not want to have aesthetics that was overbearing with the color splash scene. Also, I wanted the viewer to focus on the contours of the character, the forms of his hair, and his movement.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


My first idea is to make a video collage of different faces. It will be projected onto a sculpted/crafted surface( plastic cups) and covered with a skin (alluminum foil) adding volume and depth to the projection. 

The video begins with a variety of masked video clips being arranged on the screen. Some of them will be still while others move. They eventually arranged to form a head (not perfectly shaped).

Afterwards, pieces(video clips/stills) of the head will be removed. revealing drawings underneath them. Like the video clips some will move while others are still. The current video clips will be overlapped as the process repeats itself. Each new figure will be from different angles and range, as well as the various images of the subject inside of the panels.

My second idea is to project an animation onto blue plastic cups. The animation will be a loop of a man being propelled through 4 columns of vertically stacked plastic cups. the first column will be suspended in the air using string. The character will fall through the first column and propel upward through the second column (implying that he traveled underneath the floor/interacting w/ the floor), plummeting down into the third column, upward again into the fourth column, and falling back into the first suspended column.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Concept

My piece is about the consequence of drinking too much soda. Using stop-motion drawings, my piece will show soda traveling through the digestive system to the small intestines and cause the bones of the body to deteriorate.
The soda travels through the mouth and is then swallowed traveling through the esophagus, stomach, and to the small intestine. When the soda reaches the small intestine, the phosphoric acid dressed in HazMat suits and armed with flame throwers, descend upon the villus and raid them (reflective of celiac disease). After the villus are raided, they then set off a bomb on the outermost wall of the small intestine, creating a path to the bloodstream. The HazMat phosphoric acid morphs into bubbles, (phizz in soft drinks. phosphoric acid is what gives soda its phizzy quality) and then a pattern that spreads and covers the entire screen. (pattern is reflective of bloodstream: veins, breakage/cracks in a hard surface, disease spreading throughout the body). After the pattern spreads it crumbles piece by piece into a pile of debris which is then swept away by a broom, illustrating the weakening of bones due to calcium depletion such as in osteoporosis.

SODA: phosphoric acid is prominent ingredient in soda and is very acidic (pH is 2.5). Too much intake of this can make ones body too acidic making one prone to disease (disease thrives in acidic environment vs alkline environment in which diseases cannot survive in). It also depletes bones of calcium.
diseases linked to acidity: cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gall, kidney stones etc.

BUBBLES: phosphoric acid morphs between HazMat suits (for eradication) and bubbles (most efficient means of transporting themselves). Phosphoric acid gives soda its phiz quality.

SMALL INTESTINE: lining of small intestine (villi) secretes secretin (hormone). secretin stimulates pancreas so it can make digestive enzymes.
digestive enzymes: break down food body needs to function properly.

VILLI: line wall of small intestine, and absorb nutrients of food into bloodstream. nutrients are then transported to cells of body. without them your body cant extract nutrients from food.

TEETH: at pH below 5.5 acid begins to dissolve protective enamel off of teeth leaving them prone to decay.

CELIAC DISEASE: caused by eating foods containing gluten. immune reaction occurs in small intestine, causing damage to surface of small intestine & inability to absorb certain nutrients.

BONES: depletes bones of calcium making them prone to fracture/ osteoporosis

OSTEOPOROSIS: bones become brittle and weak due to loss of calcium.

MATERIALS: card board or brown paper, acrylic paint black & white, conte/charcoal, water, paint brushes, eraser, palette knife

INSPIRATION: I'm trying to break a bad habit of drinking too much soda. I was inspired to make a piece about it. So far, so good. I haven't had soda in a couple weeks, and I've been drinking more water.

Saul Bass The Man With The Golden Arm: